“Freedom of the Mind is the Beginning of all other Freedoms” – Clinton Lee Scott

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression and a growing sense of frustration and futility? You’re not alone. Many of us are experiencing overwhelming levels of stress right now. We are all in this together and we will get through this together. In these crazy times we need a fresh perspective. It is time to take a look at something completely new and life changing. It is time to free your mind.

My name is Laurie Heusinger, and I am a Natural Therapeutic Specialist. I have been a practitioner in the alternative medicine field for 24 years. I am also the founder/developer of Cognitive Polar Transformation aka The Toggle Effect. The simple technique you are going to learn here is a powerful breakthrough in the mind-body-emotion connection. With each emotional shift, you will notice improvements in your overall mood and your mental clarity. Over time your health will also improve along with your chronic aches and pains. This is powerful tool and you will want to use daily to keep yourself strong against the mounting stress you are exposed to daily.

Step 1

Start to feel “The Toggle Effect” for yourself right NOW. Watch the video below as I guide you through the simple steps. During this exercise focus on anything that is causing you stress right now. In 15 minutes you will feel better emotionally about your situation which will lead to a renewed clarity. With practice, you will be able to reproduce the shift anytime you choose. The more you use it, the better you will feel. The technique takes only a few moments to complete. You will be asked to focus on your stress reactions and then guided through the steps to transform the stress into emotional strength and stability. At the point of completion you will feel a subtle euphoria, followed by elevated mood and clarity of thought. That is THE TOGGLE EFFECT.

START HERE and watch the video now.

Step 2 – Workshops

Take it to the next level and join our virtual live online workshops. The presentations and visual aids will guide you through the deeper understanding of the power of CPT. Put it to the test. Learn how to enhance 5 mental functions, improve conflict resolution, attain your goals and improve your health by leaps and bounds. Your mind will be opened to a whole new level of possibility. Your questions will be answered as you are guided on your path to emotional empowerment, one shift at a time.


Step 3 – Read the Book

Order the book on Kindle and open your mind to CPT’s many uses. (Required reading for Practitioner Courses)

Click on the cover below to order the book on Kindle.

Step 4 – One on One Guidance

If you want personal guidance, I offer one-on-one phone consultations so you can take your progress to the next level with support and guidance.

Step 5 – Practitioner Course

Level 1 of the Practitioner Course is a combination of the 5 online workshops. Workbooks and reference charts are included.

Level 2 is the 30-hour hands-on course. As a practitioner you can quickly assess the exact underlying stressors to achieve the desired results. You will become an invaluable ally on your clients journey to well-being.