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How, why, and what is actually happening with CPT? Find out here. Join our lively online workshops to delve deeper into the science of the Mind-Body-Emotion connection.



In this workshop you will now learn how to fine tune the technique to activate specific mental improvements. Some shifts will help you set clear intentions, other shifts empower you to make bold and clear decisions, while others build confidence in your actions and communication. Painful emotions will shift to help you integrate your lessons for better retention, and some activate your mind to keep things in better order. Each of these mental functions are connected to different stress levels. You will learn how to target the exact stress needed to improve the function you desire.

Introduction to the Basic Technique is a prerequisite. This 2 hour workshop is taught on the first and third Mondays, January thru November at 8pm ET, via virtual GotoMeeting. $95.00. Group discount are available.

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GOALS (Level 2)

In the first two classes you gained the understanding of transforming stress and its effect on improving brain power. You have learned how to manage your emotions at your current achievement level. Your life is feeling more manageable. Now, we step it up a notch to help you use that knowledge to help you power up your emotional system to attain bigger dreams and goals. This level helps you clear the deeper emotional blocks. Each goal you set requires a step up in strength both mentally and physically. Stress in the form of doubt, anxiety, self contempt, lack of confidence, and worry is often flushes up to the surface when we set out to accomplish our goals. CPT allows you to adjust your emotional frequency to match your goals in a short period of time.

This 2 hour workshop is taught on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, January thru November at 8pm ET. $95.00. Group discounts are available. Level 1 and 2 are prerequisites.

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Learn how to grow with difficult situations and enhance personal relationships. Using CPT to target each emotional strain you feel during a conflict will help you find faster resolution and will challenge you to face off with the toughest parts of yourself. Rejoice, because these shifts give you great momentum and clarity in the relationship you have with yourself. The truest value in conflicts is the opportunity for personal growth. Introduction to CPT and Emotional Mechanics are prerequisites. This 1.5 hour workshop is taught on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 8pm ET, January thru November. $95.00.

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HEALTH (Level 4)

Each emotional frequency shift affects your health in specific ways. Using Eastern Medicine we will help you target exact stresses to improve specific health issues. Subconscious stressors are often at the root of many chronic illnesses. Improve your health directly using this razor sharp focus of this advanced level of CPT. Emotional Mechanics is a prerequisite. This 2 hour workshop is taught on the second and fourth Thursdays from January thru November at 8pm ET $95.00

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In this next level class you will learn how to integrate some of the powerful components of Eastern Medicine with CPT to target specific health problems and promote natural pain relief. Chinese medicine has been using their understanding of energy flow, meridians and pulse points for 1000’s of years to relieve pain. We discovered CPT can have a similar amazing affect, if targeted properly. We will teach you how to use each of the 6 pulse points to give you an instant bio feedback. The results are surprisingly fast and will help you not only relieve pain, but also simultaneously speed up the healing process. Emotional Mechanics is a prerequisite. This workshop is taught on the second and fourth Mondays of each month from January thru November. $95.00

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Practitioner Course Level 1 Includes all 5 Workshops

This package includes all 5 online workshops including; Emotional Mechanics, Goal Application, Conflict Resolution, Health and Pain. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long. Study material and text book is included. Contact me for scheduling details at

You save $100 with the package of 5 workshops. $375

Practitioner Course Level 2

Enhance your practice with CPT. Here we teach you how to integrate CPT into private consultations, read and balance pulse points for pain and health applications while support clients through the shifting process. Help clients target the exact shift they need to focus on for the desired results. Learn how to recognize when the shifts have taken place, and recognize the blocks that come up during sessions. You will be skilled in creative pathways to move your clients beyond those blocks. The emotional UN-layering process happens in steps. You will guide your clients gently through this process one week at a time. Prerequisite for this course is Practitioner Course Level 1. This 30 hour Advanced Practitioners course is taught Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm with a 1 hour lunch break. The cost of this program is $1200.00 (travel expenses not included). Once you have completed this course, you will be eligible for our weekly practitioner support group – $45 per month. (First 2 months are included in your Practitioner Course)

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Private Phone Consultations

Do you need help? Then let me guide you through this process. Together we can quickly resolve old scars and promote your evolution. Big changes require you square off with some of your deeper struggles. I will guide you through the process once a week for 12 weeks. Once you have felt the changes consistently, you are ready to continue on your own with this new skill set. I offer private consultations by phone. One huge benefit of this program is that you never are asked to share confidential information. The healing process is not attached to the details of your situations, rather the focus is on your emotions. Consultations are 1 hour long. $95.00

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Join the Revolution

Once you have felt the power of The Toggle Effect, you are ready to join our community. Together we are creating a powerful new reality. Weekly Video meetings offer on-going support. Join like minded individuals and GET YOUR TOGGLE ON! $30.00 per month.